HTC bestätigt Datenschutz-Problem

Vor ein paar Tagen wurde bekannt, dass bei Mobiltelefonen des taiwanesischen Herstellers HTC Corporation ein Datenschutz-Problem besteht. Die Software HTC Sense legt Screenshots für Bookmarks im internen Speicher des Telefons ab. Das Problem dabei ist jedoch, dass sich diese Screenshots nur sehr schwer löschen lassen. Die HTC Corporation bestätigt dieses Problem. In einer Stellungnahme empfiehlt der Hersteller den internen Speicher des Telefons zu formatieren:

HTC has identified the root cause of the DROID Incredible not deleting web page thumbnails after a factory reset, and is creating an update which will eliminate this issue. This will be distributed through a software maintenance release that will be pushed to devices in the near future. Until this time, consumers who wish to manually delete these thumbnails can do so by following these steps:

1) Go to the “Settings” menu
2) Select “SD Card and Phone Storage”
3) Select “Format Phone Storage”

*NOTE* This will delete all files in internal storage, including music and image files. So these files should be backed up before taking these steps.
Other Android devices with HTC Sense, like the DROID Eris, save these thumbnails to the SD card, instead of internal memory, so users can easily keep this information from being shared simply by removing the SD card from their device before trading in the device, sending in for repair, etc.


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